We created "A Plug's Life" at the Global Game Jam in January 2015. During that 48 hours, our group of 7 started only with a given theme- "What do we do now?"- and brainstormed to design and create the game. The main design was to have the player rotate the environment itself, instead of the character, to navigate in a maze and find the level exit.

Our whole team stayed up a whole Saturday night for this game and managed to have the playable delivery by Sunday afternoon. After the showdown at Sunday afternoon, we were very proud of our game- both for the best effort we made and for the comments we received. We've got a lot of praise for our art and mechanism design (the rotating maze).

There's one comment that made me very proud of my work as a sound designer: a CMU journalist said after playing the game that "I love this game and especially the music. Once I heard it and it's inside of my head and I can't get rid of it. It's like an earworm.”

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