All The Feels 

All The Feels is a social board game project designed for the course Design for Interactive Media at USC Games division. The project's goal was to design a "meaningful play". Our team members are Kathryn Yu, Matthew Hamilton, and Cloud Tian. 


We started with an experience goal of creating a game that can help players identify different emotions and develop emotional literacy. We first tried to come up with a series of emotion-related words, such as sad, angry, and frustrated. Then we added acting elements into the core gameplay and created "action cards", such as "act out a scene using the phrase 'I'm Batman'" and "draw an emoji without using words". We playtested with our cohort students and discovered that a 90-second timer could be helpful in stuck situations.

After in-class playtests and adding more emotion/emotion embodiment word cards and more action description cards, we went to Indiecade 2019 at Santa Monica College to present and playtest publicly. A lot of players came by our table and played our game with people from total strangers to high school classmates. The playtest went unexpectedly well and fun, so we got to collect a number of feedbacks for further development. A number of players were also asking if and when we are planning on publishing the game so they can play with their friends. 

We didn't have a plan to publish the game, but the playtesters' request got our attention so after Indiecade, I went back to USC and talked to Prof. Robert Nashak from my business class and I'm currently working on connecting with two other teams who went through a similar path as ours. A vision of ours is to publish this game that can be easily accessed by schools and teachers for educational purposes.