Pizza Golf is a project I, together with other 6 classmates, created during a class called Research Topics in Game Development (course number 53-451) at CMU. 


We were given three kinds of outdoor activities, one of which was frisbee golf, and were asked to create a Virtual Reality video game based on one of the activities. The result of our brainstorm led to switching the frisbee with pizza: pizza resembles the shape of frisbee and we thought it would be fun to have the players throw pizzas to some targets. (I mean, who wouldn't want to try?)

The original thought was to have the pizza flying at a human-face-like target with a mouth, which resembles the old prank of throwing food onto someone's face. But later as we set the general environment in the street of NYC, we had the target as a pizza oven. 

Luckily enough, our teammate Kai found a gif that shows exactly how our game would carry out in real life.

pizza 1
pizza 7
pizza 2
pizza 5
pizza 3
pizza 4
pizza 6

The correct order for the pictures and the descriptions is if you could click on the left side of the current picture to rotate. 


1. A close-up shot of the target oven.

2. Our final pizza model.

3. The street setting for our game. The player spawns beside the table with the pizza box.

4. The movie theatre is on the left of the player, to add more sense of NYC to the game.

5. This car is a bonus. The player doesn't get to drive it but can try to hit the car with the pizza. On hitting the car, a special sound effect would play- "Hey, watch it, man!"(thanks to our teammate JP from NYC for the recording), as in a typical NYC pizza-hit-car scenario.

6. We later added different orientation for the convenience of the lefties.

These are the notes we made during the development process.

1. + 2. Brainstorming notes at the beginning of the project.

3. Sound effect checklist.

4. Pizza frisbee's physics is a really difficult task. This is the note that we took by asking some physics students.

5. UI instruction note.

We also took notes from class presentations and playtests with people outside the class. Notes from the beginning were full of suggestions and, for the sound, some wasn't quite nice... but they helped me find the style for this game and later I've got nicer feedbacks. 


One note for the music is that I tried to make an original music by trying on 8-bit style, but everyone including me felt the music wasn't a fit for our game. Fortunately, we were allowed to use existing music and I happened to know an Italian style piece which would be perfect for a pizza-throwing scenario (which later I received that A+ feedback).

At the end of this project, we had three special guests to play our project. The guests just couldn't resist throwing pizza at our bonus cat which stands behind the player. They really enjoyed hitting the cat and listening to the angry "meow" sound when the pizza hits the cat's body other than its mouth.