Soul Mates

In the 2016 Global Game Jam, I participated in the greater Pittsburgh area with a team from CMU's Game Creation Society. The theme for that year was "ritual" and, as always, we have 48 hours to make our game. At the brainstorming phase, I dug up a very old ritual called "wedding for the dead", which is originated in China. The wedding is for those who loved each other while they were alive but both unfortunately died before they could be together. After their demises, both families can use this ritual to help the lovebirds reunite in the afterlife.

We based our level design on the "wedding for the dead" setting and went for the mini-game style. The game is two-player oriented: two players will look at two screens (without seeing each other's) and play cooperatively via talking to each other.

The screenshot above is the mini-game that the players can't see where the other one is on the balancing bar. So they have to tell each other their locations in order to have the balance set for a few seconds before clearing the level.


The one on the left is a rather simple one: the players just need to count down like 3,2,1 and hit the button at the same time for three times. 

Picture from showdown (right)

The Soul Mates was highly popular among the ETC (Entertainment Technology Center) site and we were very proud that we got picked for "The Jammer's Choice" on our site. 

Here's a link to the game package ->