Team BitBot is my very first time participating in a game project. I was a freshman in college and I joined the Game Creation Society where I signed up to this project group during a pitch fair. I wasn't sure what role I should be and, since I thought I need to know everything about programming to be a game designer, I said I would like to be a programmer on the team.


The team leader, John, then gave me and my friend Billy (who I dragged into this) a simple task: to implement the enemy that chases our robot protagonist around where the speed of the enemy depends on its distance from the robots. The game itself was a classic platformer where two players need to cooperate to solve puzzles like player 1 presses a button to open a gate and player 2 needs to run through a portal and pass the gate that was opened. Since only one player is allowed to shoot at enemies, player 1 also needs to protect player 2.

Implementing the enemy movement was a simple task and we finished it rather quickly, but then we sneaked away... I can hardly say that the first experience in game creation was pleasant because programming isn't the subject that I really into. This project rather serves as an exploration into the role on a game creation team. It gave me a realization that I'm not enjoying programming and I need to take another look at what I really want to do. This experience was the insight that guides me to see the large variety of roles in game creation processes and opened my mind to use my ability in music to become a sound designer.

Here's a video about the gameplay and below the video there's a link to the download page of Team BitBot.